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azSecurity by North Advisors

Our peace-of-mind offering ensuring your Azure environment is safe and secured.

What is azSecurity?

azSecurity is our fixed-price, remotely-delivered service, where we scan, analyze, and verify your Microsoft Azure tenant (Azure AD) and subscription.


Organizations have been using Azure for years. There are often tens or even hundreds of services, with numerous settings, configurations, and data. Are they secured properly?

The outcome

The outcome for the azSecurity analysis service is a clear report that describes the current security settings, possibly identified risks, and a comprehensive list of recommended actions and changes.


The intelligent approach to securing Azure.

Microsoft Azure has hundreds of services.

It isn’t practical to manually check each setting. Sometimes things are left behind. Some services might not be configured properly. Test services are abandoned but still exist. Azure is built to be secure – but it also requires careful monitoring, planning, and configuration to ensure your data stays secure.

It evolves continuously – how do you keep up?

With azSecurity, you get a comprehensive, end-to-end report on every security settings whether it’s configured or not. Our solution scans for the services you’ve deployed, and detects if the configuration is not according to best practices. We conform to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and the Well-architected Framework, together with industry best practices on cloud security.




Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back.


Synergestic actionables. Organic growth deep dive but circle back.